[ApoCoLotte (Takatsuki Shuuya)] Yawarakana Ori No Naka De (Chuu) [Digital]

[ApoCoLotte (Takatsuki Shuuya)] Yawarakana Ori No Naka De (Chuu) [Digital]

later when it was bedtime she said
to my mum me and chris are going to sleep in the “new”fold down bed in the back room my mum said thats ok so later when every one whent tobed my sister joined me in the fold down bed we lay like spoons in the bed she said chris i need a cuddle so i put my arm over her and she sys cuddle me tighter so i did then she asked me what i new about sex i said i ont no much but i saw pictures of a man licking a womens fanny she asked me if i would do this to her so i saidd ok and went between her legs she pulled her pants of and said ok lick it it was my first time for anything so i wasnt sure how but i found her slit and started tounging it licking slowly at first but when i started to get that sweet but tingling taste of it i starte to suck and stick my tounge right into the hole in the middle go it was the strangest yet nicest thing i have ever taste in my life or ever wll again but the liquid stated to come out of it and i just lay there for ages i didnt realise the noise she was makeing untill our mum shouted be quite wow i had started after this i went looking for more information on this sex thing and found my dads magazines with nude women an great stories i hid them under my bed but a couple of days later i was kept off school because i wasnt well my sister came home for her lunch while mum and dad were shoping “we call it home alone now”my sister had a strange look in her eyes she went upstairs then called me and said look what i have foun under your bed she was on my bed and started reading one off the stories about a man licking a womens pussy she i would like to have my pussy licked so i went over to the bed an pulled up her school skirt and pushed her apnts aside and started to tounge her fanny lovely i can still taste her pussy when ithink of it 20 oddd years later. Cock Sucking Yarazu No Ame – The Idolmaster Oiled i was going to go down and lick her pussy but she said not to as it was that time of the month just to fuck her i was a bit wary.

Hentai: [ApoCoLotte (Takatsuki Shuuya)] Yawarakana Ori no Naka de (Chuu) [Digital]

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[ApoCoLotte (髙月柊也)]やわらかな檻の中で【中】[DL版]

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